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Bromo Tour From Bali; Adventure of Nature and Inspiring Experiences

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Nature phenomena always invite us to get curious. And it will be beautiful to visit a volcano to experience a super gorgeous nature phenomenon. We can take Bromo tour from Bali and enjoy the beauty of nature wrapped in excitement. Most of the time, people take trekking itinerary because they love outdoor activities. However, some tourists want to enjoy many side tours within the outdoor trip. For instance, when visiting the volcano, tourists expect to enjoy heritage sites and many other things.

Bromo Tour from Bali

Bromo Tour From Bali
Bromo Tour From Bali

Bali is a popular tropical island with super luxurious amenities. Bali tour offers countless tour destinations which are all wrapped in both exotic and scenic trip. Many people wonder where Indonesia is but easily describe that Bali is the most beautiful tropical island in Asia.

In fact, Bali is part of Indonesia and people cannot deny that. Everything in Bali tour is designed to give people peaceful feeling. Bali has many traditional villages. Once tourists step on the villages, they will trace back in times and find themselves in the most peaceful ambiance.

Even from the smallest culture of wearing a piece of flower behind the ear already gives tourists excitement. The dances, songs, music, and culinary of Bali are all amazing. Not to mention the temples and beaches which are combined for delivering unforgettable holiday for every heart.

Bromo Tour from Bali is one excellent option to take. Indeed, tourists need more preparation when they want to mix the trip from Bali to other destinations. It will be a little tiring since people will usually spend several days in Bali trip. It is possible for tourists to take Bali to Ijen itinerary instead of Bromo Tour.

Both Ijen and Bromo are located in East Java. However, Ijen is nearer from Bali. It takes approximately 5-6 hours of trip to get to Mount Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali. Tourists can take a good rest during the travel as they take it as one super comfortable package. Travel agency will help tourists arranging convenient transportation and hotels for the trip.

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali

Bromo Tour From Bali
Bromo Tour From Bali

Before leaving to Bromo, people need to make sure that they can experience totally different things from their Bali traveling itineraries. Bromo is definitely one excellent place to visit when people are visiting East Java. But will it worth the time to go to Bromo from Bali? With the breathtaking view, the spectacular sunrise moments, and beautiful natural landscape, Bromo is worth the time and struggle. Besides, tourists need to only pay affordable cost to visit such amazing natural site.

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Ijen tour is definitely a precious moment for a life time. Tourists might be able to visit the site once, but they will treasure the experience forever. The site has at least three kinds of highlights. The first spot to see is the Blue Fire. It is a world class natural phenomenon that people will love.

Similar to aurora hunting, tourists will treasure the moment of visiting the Blue Fire in Ijen. The journey will take tourists to do the trekking in the middle of the night to hunt the perfect timing of seeing the Blue flames. There are only two places in the entire universe has this phenomenon and Ijen is one of the amazing sites.

After the Blue Fire, tourists can enjoy the flawless scenery with green forests on both sides of the trekking routes to reach the Turquoise Lake of Ijen. The third thing to see in Ijen is the sulfur mine and miners. They are humble miners who do the job traditionally.

It will be so beautiful to feel how nature blend well with the activities of humans who count on their lives on the sulfur chunks products from the volcano. People will definitely learn the lessons from the Ijen tour from Bali.

What about Bromo? Can we see that superb nature phenomenon in Bromo? In Bromo, the perfect natural landscape is ready to make people feel satisfied only by stepping their feet on some parts of the National Park. Located in two regions, Bromo tour from Bali offers unlimited joy in its midnight trip.

While going up to peep the crater of Bromo, people can stop by in the middle of the journey to gaze the stars. After that, tourists can join other Bromo visitors to step up the stairs to get the best spot for experiencing the cracking sky with the most stunning sunrise of East Java.

Located in Semeru Bromo Tengger National Park, Bromo is the superstar for its beautiful crater and Tengger culture. Tourists can also visit the side destinations such as Teletubbies Hills, The Sea of Sand, and a nearby temple on the same location of Bromo. The area is rich in tropical forest and also scenic places which all look gorgeous for snapping photos. Click and enjoy your amazing travel of Bromo tour from Bali.