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Bromo Ijen Tour: Is It Safe to Visit Mount Bromo at the Moment?

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Bromo Ijen Tour

An extreme natural trekking destination is always admirable. People all want to challenge themselves for getting pleasure with the natural beauty.

However, people should never risk their health and safety. It is important for travelers to search for some crucial information before leaving.

For instance, Bromo is always that breathtaking with the fuming crater. The slope is more than beautiful and the sunrise is to die for.

The prettiness of Bromo is both exotic and fantastic. People can find different kind of trekking in this very location. Bromo Ijen tour is a perfect package for a family trekking.

Milky Way Bromo
Milky Way Bromo

Bromo offers stunning beauty since people can leave for the sunrise early in the morning. The sky outshines the stars and Milky view at the very moment.

After the star gazing, people can start going up the view point to get ready for the sunrise. The side destinations around Mount Bromo are also fabulous.

However, Bromo is still an active volcano and even one of the most active ones around East Java. Therefore, people have to take the best time for visiting the place. During certain seasons, Bromo is dangerous for a trip.

Mount Bromo is sometimes closed for tourists, and it is a common condition tourist should pay attention to. When the volcano shows activity improvements like high sulfur eruption and all, the site will be closed for public. The tourism activities will be restricted to a certain distance.

Bromo Ijen Tour: What is happening in Bromo?

Visiting active volcano is a good idea for those who admire adrenaline raiser trip. Yet, the updated information is necessary to make the trip more enjoyable.

Recently, Mount Bromo erupts quite bigger fumes and sulfur gas. That is not an extraordinary condition since this mountain is always active. The activity improvement is common. Yet, we need to know whether the place is still safe to visit.

The situation of Mount Bromo is always monitored professionally. Therefore, it is easy to get the latest condition of its volcanic situation around Bromo.

Bromo Ijen Tour
Bromo Ijen Tour

Bromo Ijen tour package will be still a good choice for your upcoming holiday plan.  The volcanic eruption of Bromo will reach the peak and then slow down in several days. Even though the eruption improvement is rated in safe mode, tourists still need to consider the safety if they leave for the place with their family.

In February, Bromo erupted with the amplitude of 3-30 mm. The duration of the eruption was 74-245 second. The tremor quake was recorded with the amplitude of 0.5-1 mm; mostly the tremor is 1 mm.

The status was at level 2 and that was quite safe for the tourist to do normal activity. The volcanic dust volume reached 600 m over the crater but the condition was relatively common.

Bromo Ijen Tour: Bromo Eruption Facts

Bromo has been erupting for several times since 1767. The biggest eruption noted was in 1974. The eruption occurred during the colonial era in Indonesia.

Based on the Volcanologist of Bromo, the eruption of Bromo is always unique. In 2004, the eruption lasted only for 20 minutes.

However, in 2010, the eruption occurred for 9 months. In these recent months, the eruption looks safe even though the quake has reached 5,9 SR around Malang, East Java.

Even though Bromo is an active volcano, this is a superstar of East Tourism. Thus, there will always be updates for its safety condition.

Tourists can thus search for the information through various blogs and tourism websites. Even, the updates will be broadcasted through various news portals online.

There are various destinations for Bromo Ijen tour. For this reason, to leave for Bromo Ijen Crater tour is always a great decision.

Tourist will love the Pananjakan itinerary for the sunset and spend time in Seruni, Cinta Hill (Bukit Cinta). The King Kong Hill is also a beautiful destination within the same area of the National Park.

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Bromo Ijen Tour: Safe or Not?

Natural tour destinations are always great adventures to conquer. There are times natural phenomenon brings the new experience.

People will love the way the natural sounds relieve their stress. Bromo Ijen tour is one of the most excellent natural trekking destinations fits for a family tour.

The outdoor tour is not too extreme and still challenging. It is true Mount Bromo has been erupting a little higher these months. But people should not worry about the security, as long as the authority states it is safe for tourists.