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Bali Romantic Dinner; The Places to Write on Your Romantic Bucket List

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Bali Romantic Dinner and Recipes

Romance is what people need when they are in the new stage of marriage. People need to tie the bond closer with romance. Therefore, it is surely important that couples leave for a romantic honeymoon before they start living their real life. Romance in their honeymoon will remind them of how sweet and happy they were so they can fight against all difficulties that await. This sounds cheesy but reality says that couples will trace back their romantic memories all the time. Bali romantic honeymoon and Bali romantic dinner will be the right idea.

Bali Romantic Dinner

Bali is full or romantic sides since romance and luxury are two parts that are inseparable. People need to make sure that they know how to color their honeymoon so they can get the most from their travel. There are various choices of Bali romantic dinner that people can take. Whether people want to enjoy a bedroom full of roses and a swimming pool full of patterned flowers, what people really need is a delicious cuisine. Therefore, the dinner plan is important.

People will be surprised that Bali actually has a series of Bali Romantic Dinner Recipes that people will love. Those who find a tropical beach romantic can pick a dinner by the beach. A good view, nice music, beautiful cuisines, and delicious dishes will make the night just perfect. Also, a dinner in a hotel with candle lights and outdoor breeze is also possible. And the most charming idea is a Bali Romantic Dinner in a cruise.

We can pick Ubud Trip and see what the destination will give us. Ideal romantic dinners will be epitomized in this place. The scenery looks so much magical with the scenery of greenery. The table is designed in the middle of a pool with Ayung River flowing around the place. Every single time, you don’t need to be lucky to witness a splashing sunset just above the place of your dinner.

Bali Romantic Dinner
Bali Romantic Dinner

Bali Romantic Dinner is also perfect when we pick Uluwatu. The astonishing view of Uluwatu is surely one of the popular. The scenery overhanging the Uluwatu Cliffs is an extraordinary setting for a candlelight dinner area. The incredible location is even more charming since it is located in the middle of infinity pool. You will be also amazed with the gourmet menu.

Next, you might want to opt for Sanur. This is an area of five stars in Bali. However, you can always find a place for Bali Romantic Dinner that will not hurt your wallet. You need to only find a good restaurant with peaceful view then your dinner will be achieved beautifully.

Another excellent alternative for a romantic dinner in Bali. The west side of Gili Trawangan is so relaxing. The beach is quiet and the view is romantic. From the beach, we will see a silhouette of Mount Agung which create a colorful display of nature art. Sipping a glass of red wine with such stunning view will make the dinner unforgettable. We can order gourmet dinner and a tasty bite of a chocolate gateau. The romantic dinner on Gili Trawangan is offered in many affordable packages. Find your heaven in this destination.

Bali Romantic Dinner Recipes

Bali is so good for its traditional cuisines. Yet, little did people know that some of the dishes are influenced by Portugal culinary art. This is so because the locations are around some islands that were initially part of Portugal territory.

It makes sense then that the cuisines are originally from the traditional culinary of Portugal. For instance, the famous friend banana with vanilla sauce from some famous restaurants in Bali was actually a cuisine of Portuguese. The friend banana is served hot with sweet sauce which will make the best dessert for other Bali main courses.

Bali Romantic dinner recipes can be tried at home. We can learn to cook some of the foods so we can set our own romantic dinner for any important occasions. We can, for instance, try to cook Bali Satay. This cuisine is a legendary menu that is served in any restaurants in Bali.

Not only expensive restaurants and hotels but also street food seller offer this menu. The secret is in the ingredients. It is also a different kind of satay because of the way it is served. The cuisine is made of goat, chicken, beef, or even pork. The meat is not directly cut and then grill over a roaster.

Bali Sate Lilit is created in a unique way. It is marinated and mixed with coconut milk and other traditional spices. The meat cutlet is then wrapped rather than skewered. We can add sauce for making the cuisine tastier. The rich flavor makes this food popular. Other Bali Romantic Dinner Recipes can be found online. We can pick a luxurious legend of Betutu to try.

This was once the king of cuisine in Bali before other new inventions are offered on the list. The sophisticated way of serving chicken or duck gives this menu a rich taste. Commonly, people prefer to enjoy a whole duck instead of chicken. This is so because the flavor of duck is richer. Just Click for arranging a romantic dinner with those amazing cuisines right on the Paradise Island.