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Bali as Family Destination and Attraction Worth To Visit With Kids

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27 Februari 2020

Are you planning to visit Bali for a family trip? Going somewhere with family, especially with kids and toddlers, can be tricky sometimes. Making the trip plan won’t be an easy feat since you need to consider places or attractions that are suitable and engaging for your children. However, Bali has a lot of tourist destinations and attractions that are fun for kids and adults. So without further ado, this is some family destination or attraction for your trip ideas.

Experiencing Tropical Live In Green School

As fun is one of the aspects most of the kids are looking for, you should not forget that they need to learn something. Take the chance to make your kids experience tropical life by touring in green school Bali. Not only can they learn many things, but there are also many things that they can try and play at the same time. One of the examples is farming. While they can try it, they won’t get bored since the class is fun and interactive for your kids.

Water Attraction Flamingo Beach Club Or Water Boom Bali

Since this island is known for beautiful beaches, then you can visit and play on the beach with your kids. However, the family attraction in Bali is more than the beach. One of them is the Water boom Bali. This biggest waterpark in Asia has various slides that will drown you and your kids in happiness. You can also visit a flamingo beach club that has a swimming pool, a fantastic playground, and great food. Let your kids play along in the pool or busy themselves in the playground. 

Sighting And Interacting With Animals 

Bali family destination
Bali family destination

Animals can be very interesting for young kids. There are many locations that you can visit, to sighting animals or even interacting with them. One of them is the Bali zoo. Let your kids venture into the zoo and interact with the tamed animal directly. As they can learn to be brave, your kid can see many kinds of animals from the common animal such as elephant,  deer, and an endangered animal like orangutans, to the most exotic bird of Moluccan King Parrot.

It doesn’t stop there. The family destination in Bali that allows you and the kids to interact with animals is Bali Bird Park, where you can interact with many kinds of birds. There is also a Bali reptile park, butterfly park, or even Bali safari and marine park, which you can choose based on your kids’ interests. Even more exciting places, you can visit the sacred monkey forest sanctuary. You can explore the temple while accompanied by monkeys that are freely roaming around.

Those are some locations and attractions in Bali. While Bali is known as an island with beautiful beaches, it is also kids friendly with many places suitable and fun for them to play around. So, don’t just stick to the beaches and go around the places with your kid. You can visit some places with many animals like zoos, safari, or parks. Or perhaps visit a waterpark, playground, or let your children learn and play. The decision is in your hands, take your time and visit the best place.